Each article in this collection is dedicated to an independent feature of the Typical theme. For a full list of the main features of Typical, please consult the ‘about‘ page.



If you’re publishing non-fiction it’s frequently desirable to supply footnotes at the end of your article. Although simple hyperlinks to cited work is often sufficient, the footnote mechanism allows you to provide additional insight in the form of a ‘note’. Not surprisingly, there are a number of plugin solutions to enable authors to work with…

Flow & Phrasing Content


Many WordPress themes don’t go to the trouble of ensuring your flow and phrasing content is balanced and attractive, concerning themselves more with aesthetic embellishment and advanced features. Although Typical is feature rich, the rhythm of your flow content and your inline styles have not been neglected. The remainder of this post is a demonstration.…

Typical’s Icon Font


Typical uses a custom icon font for the purposes of its ideogrammatic and ornamental design. Many of the glyphs in this font were designed specially for the Typical Theme, including the quill design to denote writing categories. Using icon fonts is currently the most efficient and widely supported technique for supporting multiple resolution variants. The…

Thumbnail Captions


One of Typical’s neatest enhancements is the provision for HTML5 post thumbnail (‘featured image’) display. If you add a featured image to your post, the theme will insert this image — along with its caption — at the top of your post using the <figure> and <figcaption> elements. Post thumbnails are not mandatory: The typical_post_thumb_figure()…