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If you’re publishing non-fiction it’s frequently desirable to supply footnotes at the end of your article. Although simple hyperlinks to cited work is often sufficient, the footnote mechanism allows you to provide additional insight in the form of a ‘note’.

Not surprisingly, there are a number of plugin solutions to enable authors to work with footnotes. I was so enamoured with Nacin‘s Simple Footnotes that I deceided to make it native to Typical. The script is injected via the functions.php file on the condition that the PHP class does not already exist (ie. the plugin has been loaded as a plugin already).

[ref]Here is a footnote[/ref]

Using Simple Footnotes is … simple. You insert your footnote alongside the relevant point in the text flow using the [ref] shortcode supplied, like so 1. Incrementation of the numbering is handled automatically.


  1. Here is a footnote

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