The Typical Theme

A Resolution Independent Wordpress Theme with Microdata Support

Google Hosted Serifs

Typical allows you to choose from 6 serif 1 typefaces from a simple dropdown in your Theme Options 2. Each typeface supports 400, 400 italic and 700 fonts and Typical’s stylesheet takes care of mapping these individual fonts to the appropriate elements. For example, <strong> has a font weight of 700 whichever typeface is being used: The 700 (bold) font from the selected typeface is rendered.

Each of the supported typefaces is a popular or highly rated serif, served from Google’s Web Fonts repository. The default typeface — and my favourite — is the dashing Averia Serif Libre. The remaining supported typefaces are itemised below:



PT Serif


Gentium Book Basic


  1. The Wikipedia entry on serif typefaces:
  2. Wordpress’s Theme Options primer:

The author,

Heydon is the creator of Typical. He is a Web Designer, Developer and Typographer. His icon fonts are available from Font Squirrel and you may wish to use his AngularJS-built lorem ipsum tool, Paragrabbr. Heydon is passionate about semantic HTML and web typography. He has written about User Experience Design and coding for Smashing Magazine.

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