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Thumbnail Captions

Enter a caption on upload
Enter a caption on upload

One of Typical’s neatest enhancements is the provision for HTML5 post thumbnail 1 (‘featured image’) display. If you add a featured image to your post, the theme will insert this image — along with its caption — at the top of your post using the <figure> and <figcaption> elements. Post thumbnails are not mandatory: The typical_post_thumb_figure() function does not run unless one is provided.

Post thumbnails, like avatars, in Typical are displayed at 2x pixel density for high resolution screens. This is achieved by creating a new thumbnail size using add_image_size( 'Typical Thumbnail', 600, 600, true ); and displaying it at 300px x 300px. Uploaded images that do not have square dimensions will be cropped.


  1. Post Thumnails (WordPress Codex):

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Heydon is the creator of Typical. He is a Web Designer, Developer and Typographer. His icon fonts are available from Font Squirrel and you may wish to use his AngularJS-built lorem ipsum tool, Paragrabbr. Heydon is passionate about semantic HTML and web typography. He has written about User Experience Design and coding for Smashing Magazine.

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