The Typical Theme

A Resolution Independent Wordpress Theme with Microdata Support

Version 1.0

Congratulations! You’ve located the debut release of Typical for WordPress. This is a production ready release, but I’m sure there are enhancements to be made, so please get in touch so I can line up tickets for Version 1.0.1. You can contact me by email (heydon[at] or reach me on Twitter (@heydonworks).

I’m not maintaining older versions because I’m keeping the project on Github, but you can come back here to track progress and comments in the Git commit history for ‘releases’ will have an appropriate number associated with them.

For the uninitiated, to use this theme first download it below. Then, upload it to your WordPress installation’s theme folder and activate it under ‘Appearance > Themes’ in your WordPress admin.


The author,

Heydon is the creator of Typical. He is a Web Designer, Developer and Typographer. His icon fonts are available from Font Squirrel and you may wish to use his AngularJS-built lorem ipsum tool, Paragrabbr. Heydon is passionate about semantic HTML and web typography. He has written about User Experience Design and coding for Smashing Magazine.

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